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                                        Can you produce according to different specifications and requirements?

                                        Answer: Yes. The equipment can be produced according to customer requirements.


                                        How about the payment terms and production cycle?

                                        Answer: You should pay 30% of the payment for goods as the deposit, and once receiving the deposit, we will arrange production and deliver the goods for acceptance check within 60 days. After the goods are checked and accepted, you will pay the rest 70% of the total payment and we will ship the goods.


                                        After we purchase your machine, will you arrange personnel for teaching us how to operate the machine?

                                        Answer. Definitely. In 5 days after the machine arrives at the destination, we will send our commissioning personnel to provide installation, commissioning and guidance at your site. We guarantee that we will teach you operation techniques and maintenance and servicing skills.


                                        How about warranty service and repair of spare parts?

                                        Answer: The equipment enjoys a warranty period of one year. Within one year, if any spare part is broken, as long as it is caused by quality problems, you can send it back to our company for repair. For those that cannot be repaired, we will replace them with new ones free of charge and send them to you in the quickest way, so as not to delay the production whenever possible. Please call our customer service personnel for more information.


                                        1. As this machine is big with great mass, automobile transportation is generally selected.

                                        2. The default selection is automobile transportation. The transportation range covers all large cities and counties throughout China. The distribution of goods require time. We are sorry for the inconvenience that may be caused due to unstable delivery time of automobile transportation. As for the transportation time, the information provided by the distribution vehicle shall prevail.

                                        3. Special automobiles are available within our province to provide timely delivery, but the cost is relatively higher.

                                        4. Customers also can choose to pick up the goods at our factory on their own. Please contact our customer service personnel for details.

                                        5. After it has been checked to be up to standard, the product will be packaged and leave the factory. If the product is damaged during the transportation, do not accept it, and please inform the seller timely. Our company will lodge a claim against the logistics company. We always give priority to customer benefits.

                                        6. Upon the arrival of goods, the customer or his authorized person shall check and accept the goods and affix his signature at the site. In case of any objection to the product, please propose it personally. In order to ensure that customers buy our products and use them securely, we provide whole-course worry-free service.




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