Our Service

                                        Before-sale service:

                                        Our professional salespersons will explain in details the product functions and use methods and provide you with technical services including plant layout and personnel training, business budgeting and suggestions according to different conditions of customers.


                                        In-sale service:

                                        Our professionals and training center will provide you with comprehensive technical consultation and training to let you fully understand product performance features and train you for practical operation at the site, so that you have not only purchased the equipment, but mastered the technology.


                                        After-sale service:

                                        We have a team of professional and experienced technicians who will provide customers with whole-course tracking service, solve various problems of customers, pay return visits to customers and help customers.

                                        1. We provide users with assembly drawings, user manuals and other technical information. We also provide users with wearing parts and spare parts.

                                        2. We offer installation, commissioning and technical training services to users.

                                        3. The equipment enjoys a warranty period of one year (except consumable parts and damage caused by improper operation of users). After the warranty period expires, all spare parts will be offered at the cost price.


                                        Quality after-sales service:

                                        After the machine is shipped to the buyer, the buyer should prepare the trial running materials. Our technicians will carry out commissioning for trial running and training after arriving at the buyer's factory, until the buyer can fully master how to operate the machine. If there are any problems of the machine in the future, we will solve them immediately. By holding the principle of service foremost and quality first, we hope to cooperate with our customers for joint development.

                                        Our equipment enjoys a warranty period of one year and lifelong technical support (not to leave it alone after one year).

                                        In case of any faults of our equipment, in principle, if it is a small problem and can be solved through phone calls, we suggest communication by phone, and if it is a major fault that cannot be solved by yourself, we will go to your site for door-to-door repair service, no matter whether it is near or far from our location to yours.

                                        (If the machine cannot be operated because of technical problems, the traffic expenses for our door-to-door service will be borne by customers. If it is caused by machine problems, we will provide repair service and replace the fittings free of charge.




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