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                                        Flexo press features

                                        The development of the flexographic printing machine at a uniform speed, in addition to the technical breakthrough on the board and ink, its own characteristics are an important reason to attract users.

                                        1. The machine structure is simple, so it is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The price of a flexographic press with the same function is about 30-50% of that of an offset press or a gravure press.

                                        2, the genetic material adaptability, from 0.22mm plastic film to 10mm after the corrugated cardboard can get satisfactory printing results.

                                        3, the embossing force is small, about 19.6-39.2 N / cm 2 , especially with corrugated paper and other types of substrates can not withstand excessive pressure printing.

                                        4, the printing cost is low, the main reason is that the machine price is cheap, the plate making cost is low, the paper loss rate is low during the printing process, and the production cost is 30-50% cheaper than the gravure printing.

                                        5, the quality of printed products is good. The use of a mesh ink transfer roller short ink path inking system not only simplifies the structure of the inking system, but also enables quantitative control of the film thickness. The breakthrough in high-performance photosensitive resin technology has greatly improved the resolution of the printing plate and the reproducibility of the dot (up to 1-95%). Flexo printing can be printed in a color line of 300 lines/in, and the printing effect is comparable to offset printing and gravure printing.



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