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                                        How many of the seven latest flexo technologies have you seen?

                                        The current quality characteristics of the flexo market are: large patterns, large color blocks, long text and lines, medium and coarse dots (the number of screens added to the screen is below 133 lines/inch), and the best color gamut is midtone (the dot area is The round grid image in the area of ​​2% to 3% or more and 70% or less has the strongest level of expression.

                                        Here are a few of the latest flexo technologies and their features:

                                        First, the laser-flexible flat top dot technology. This is a very hot technology in recent years. It is based on the direct plate-making technology to further improve the wear resistance of high-gloss small dots, thereby improving the printing durability of the printing plate.

                                        Second, Kodak FlexcelNX flexo dot technology. It uses a square laser technology to randomly generate a polygonal rectangle with a minimum dot diameter of 10 μm.

                                        Third, Esko HD dot technology. The circular laser is used, and the reaction of the photosensitive resin is incomplete due to the participation of oxygen in the main exposure process, and the dot is sharpened by the plate washing, and the diameter becomes small.

                                        Fourth, the water washing technology of Asahi of Japan. It is characterized by a surface tension of the printing plate that matches the surface tension of the UV ink, so that blocking is not easy to occur in printing. I have followed this type of plate and found that the surface tension is 1 to 2 mN/m lower than the surface tension of the laser plate we usually use.

                                        Fifth, DuPont's thermal version technology. This is an environmentally-friendly technology that deserves our attention. It warms the uncured photosensitive resin from a solid to a liquid, and then sucks the liquefied resin from the non-woven fabric under a certain pressure to get rid of the washing solution. Including the organic solvent and the aqueous solvent), the surface tension of the printing plate interferes with the surface tension of the printing plate, and the surface tension of the inking area and the depressed area of ​​the printing plate can be controlled to not fluctuate.

                                        Sixth, ContiTech's rubber plate technology. It is based on the offset horse brand blanket. The offset printing blanket has a very high printing durability and can reach 5 million to 6 million impressions. Therefore, it is a way to consider the cost of flexo printing.

                                        Seventh, other prepress technologies of flexo, such as square round net technology, hybrid mesh technology in special areas, and micro-hole technology on the surface of printing plates (field screening technology).



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