PP woven cloth coil high-speed slitting machine



                                        It is suitable for slitting and rewinding of coated paper, coated paper, tape paper, woven fabric and paper-plastic composite reel material. This machine is mainly used for slitting and rewinding of square bottom pocket pocket paste.


                                        Performance and characteristics


                                        1. This equipment is a two-stage combined structure for the unwinding and winding mechanism;

                                        2. The PLC computer is used to control the high-speed synchronous operation of the three motors, and the automatic tension control;

                                        3, with automatic metering, speed display, preset early speed reduction and shutdown, fault alarm and display;

                                        4, unwinding adopts shaftless feeding method, 8 inch material shaft core general structure, with photoelectric correction;

                                        5. The winding adopts the independent winding method of the upper and lower A and B axes, and the chain is moved up and down for automatic unloading;

                                        6. The circular knife cuts the waste side automatic discharge device.



                                        The main technical parameters



                                        Material width

                                        800mm (suitable for 300-800mm wide material)

                                        Material weight range


                                        Unwinding maximum diameter


                                        Discharge maximum load


                                        Finished product minimum width


                                        Cutting accuracy (face flatness)


                                        Winding diameter


                                        Working speed


                                        Suitable power supply


                                        Total power


                                        Dimensions (length × width × height)


                                        Total Weight



                                        Machine configuration function description


                                        1. Unwinding part:

                                        (1) Adopting shaftless feeding structure, unwinding plug can be used for 8 inch material shaft core

                                        (2) The frame adopts the overall welded structure of the steel plate, and the linear guide rail is used to move the clamping material core to the left and right.

                                        (3) Using the photoelectric correction system to perform left and right movement correction.

                                        (4) Tension control is carried out using Yanxin brand magnetic powder controller.

                                        2. Host part:

                                        The overall frame wall panel on both sides of the main unit is made of 40mm thick high quality A3 steel plate structure.

                                        2.1 Drive and transmission:

                                        (1) The main motor uses a 5.5KW Siemens vector motor

                                        (2) The inverter adopts Yaskawa, Japan

                                        (3) Transmission adopts synchronous belt pulley and synchronous belt combined transmission mechanism

                                        2.2 Traction device:

                                        (1) The main motor drives the traction pair roller drive roller

                                        (2) The compression method adopts the cylinder control, and the compression cylinder specification: φ63×30mm 2.3 slitting device:

                                        (1) Adopting the structure of the circular knife slitting device, the slitting width can be adjusted manually

                                        (2) Fan blowing device: the fan is used to blow out the waste material, and the customer collects the net box.

                                        3. Winding device:

                                        The surface winding + center winding double structure winding method is adopted; the upper and lower duplex air expansion shafts are simultaneously wound.

                                        (1) The winding motor adopts 7.5KW Siemens vector motor

                                        (2) The inverter adopts Yaskawa, Japan, such as host speed, coil diameter, winding pressure, fault prompt, etc.

                                        (3) The mechanical arm adopts the linear guide mode

                                        (4) Winding and unloading form: use chain to move up and down automatically to lift and unload



                                        4. Control section:

                                        Centralized control with connected control cabinets and distribution boxes

                                        The control system of the machine can be divided into host speed control, unwinding tension control, winding tension adjustment, etc. It has functions such as roll diameter display, automatic winding meter length, shift output, and fault prompt.



                                        5. Supporting facilities:

                                        (User is responsible for itself, not in the scope of factory configuration)

                                        (1) Power supply: three-phase four-wire air switch: voltage 380V 50Hz

                                        (2) Air source: air compressor

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