Valve pocket breather detector

                                        First, use:
                                        It is used to detect the air permeability of the micropore valve pocket for stable filling. (The universal reference standard air permeability is 120m3/h. Because the pressure of each manufacturer's filling machine is different and not adjustable, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation.)
                                        Second, equipment performance parameters:

                                        Pressure range  1~8000Pa(80 mbar)
                                        Measurable air permeability  0.65~160 m3/h
                                        Measurement error  ≤±2%

                                        Intake air pressure

                                        ≤16 bar

                                        Main gauge range

                                        0~100 mbar

                                        Secondary pressure gauge

                                        0~1.0 bar

                                        Air flow meter range 1

                                        0.65~6.5 m3/h

                                        Air flow meter range 2

                                        5~50 m3/h

                                        Air flow meter range 3

                                        16~160 m3/h

                                        Main air pressure valve quantitative adjustment

                                        0.5~10 bar

                                        Secondary pneumatic valve quantitative adjustment

                                        0~0.5 bar

                                        Intake hose length

                                        3 m

                                        Intake hose connector

                                        DN25 internal thread

                                        Valve mouth

                                        Common size 3

                                        Overall size

                                        900×400×1450 mm

                                        Third, the main configuration of the equipment:

                                        Domestic accessories version

                                        Imported parts version

                                        Number of nozzles

                                        Valve pocket: 5 sizes each

                                        Bottom cement bag: 2 special sizes

                                        Valve pocket: 5 sizes each

                                        Bottom cement bag: 2 special sizes

                                        Pressure gauge

                                        Domestic (Guangzhou)

                                        German brand

                                        Air flow meter

                                        Domestic brand (Changzhou)

                                        German brand

                                        Main air valve

                                        Italian brand

                                        Italian brand

                                        Secondary air valve
                                        Japanese brand
                                        Japanese brand
                                        (problem to be produced)
                                        (normal shipment)

                                        Tax-included price

                                        Does not include shipping and installation



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